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Does School Camp Impact Academic Performance?

It is a known fact that school camp improves social skills because children are placed in a situation where they are required to build relationships in order to complete tasks. However, the question is whether school camp impacts academic performance.

Social comfort

As is mentioned above, school camp is brilliant for improving social skills such as working with others, communication and more. These social skills will improve their academic performance as the child will be able to speak up when they do not understand something and ask for help when necessary, whether these discussions are with peers or teachers. Discussions with peers may improve academic performance as everyone will be learning something from one another.

Brain growth

Keeping your brain stimulated will improve your academic performance as the constant stimulation will encourage brain growth. On school camp, children are constantly playing games and completing tasks that keep their brains engaged and growing. This growth will improve their academic performance as they will be well equipped to deal with new situations and new academic work, especially those that require problem solving.


Independence is a major factor in academic performance. On school camp, children become independent as they are not reliant on their parents for help but are rather reliant on themselves. This trait will improve academic performance as it will encourage the child to complete tasks on their own (e.g. homework) as well as increase a child’s confidence which will allow them to participate more in class.

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