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How to prepare for school camp

School camp is a great escape from the school environment and will allow your child to create new friendships, build on leadership skills, relax and so much more. Regardless, your child might feel anxious before they embark on this experience, especially if it is their first camp. To make them feel at ease and prepare them for the new challenge they are about to face on school camp, here are a few things you can do:

Pack together

Make the pre-camp experience exciting. Take some time to prepare with them by helping them shop and pack. Take them shopping to find the necessary equipment for school camp. Remember, on camp they will be responsible for themselves. In order to prepare them for this responsibility, you can start by giving them the responsibility of ticking off everything on the itinerary.

Talk about fears

Communication is key to relieve your child of their anxiety. Listen to the fears that they have. Often, children fear being away from their parents, especially if they have not experienced it before. If this is the case, assure them that they will be surrounded by their friends, and if they have any problems, counsellors and teachers will be around to help, and phone home if necessary.

Give them a journal

Before your child leaves for school camp, give them a journal. A journal gives them the opportunity to express their feelings about every experience on school camp. They can write about all the things that have happened such as the fun they’ve had, the times they’ve missed home and the friends they’ve made. They can keep these memories forever.

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