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This Is What Team Building Events Teach

Project Summit Consulting is a professional team building company that facilitates experiential-based activities, offering exciting team building programmes that suit everybody’s needs.

We offer team building days at various venues nationwide. In a fun environment, your employees enjoy themselves while learning a variety of skills which are designed to help in the office environment.

Teamwork and productivity go hand-in-hand. Our team building exercises have been developed with everyone in mind so that every individual and every team is able to complete and enjoy the given tasks on the day.

What Are We Offering?

Culinary Programmes

Project Summit Team Building

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Project Summit Team Building


Project Summit Team Building

Outdoor Fun

Project Summit Team Building

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Meet The Team

Our staff is always friendly and helpful.

Izak Coetzer

Project Summit Team Building

Operations Director

Izak’s love for new and improved programmes drives him to facilitate new and exciting team building events, which are adjusted each year. The best programmes and activities are self-learned activities with masses of fun involved.

Elizna VanDenBerg

Project Summit Team Building

Operations Manager

As senior facilitator Elizna ensures that each event runs smoothly and according to plan. Her insight into team building events keeps our clients relaxed and having fun!

Jacob Matshele

Project Summit Team Building

Senior Facilitator & Operations

Jacob’s enthusiasm about the work and the groups he deals with is tangible. His philosophy is to give 100% every time, all the time.

Amorie Tredoux

Project Summit Team Building

Office & Sales Manager

Amorie is the heart of operations and office administration. Her perfectionist attitude ensures that all events are organised well in advance and delivered with 100% client satisfaction.

WP Bronkhorst

Senior Facilitator & Operations

WP is an all round guy. His perfectionistic attitude to life and his work brings out the best in everything he does, be it handy man work, I.T. or events, his keen eye misses nothing. WP is the driving force for new programme ideas put into practise with a healthy dose of fun!

View Our Client Testimonials

Our staff is always friendly and helpful.

  • Once again I would like to thank you and your team for providing an excellent service and making for a fun afternoon for all team members.
  • We would like to say thank you for a wonderful time we had. It was a mind opening experience for the whole team. The activities were fun packed but also challenging both physically and mentally. The activities also taught us a lot of things that can be applicable in the work environment, things like trust and sharing of tasks and responsibilities. It was indeed a fun way of learning real life experiences.
    Carnival City
  • “…Your team is very organised and very innovative! Lots of fun we had!!”
  • “…I will recommend you guys anytime…”
  • “….A huge thank you to Project Summit Consulting for a truly fetching and valuable team building experience. The activities were entertaining, stimulating and contemporary but most importantly great fun for the team. We are now a strong team than ever! I would highly recommend Project Summit Consulting to any team looking for an engaging way to foster team spirit. Thank you ever soooooooo much.”