3 Tips On How To Choose Between Indoor And Outdoor Team Building

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Nov 19, 2019
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Mar 17, 2020

Team building brings colleagues together for a day of fun-filled but challenging experiences. Activities range from indoor activities such as board games to outdoor activities such as tug of war. The choice between indoor and outdoor team building can be a tough one. Here are a few ways on how to choose between indoor and outdoor team building:

Ask your team

The best way to choose between indoor or outdoor activities is to ask your team. Allow them to give you an idea of the activities that they want to do. If the feedback involves activities that are mostly indoor, then do so; however, if the feedback is leaning towards outdoor activities, plan an outdoor team building day.

Activity levels

Think about how taxing the activities can be. If your team members are not the type to get involved in sports, or to be physically active in any way, then consider an indoor event that does not involve much sport-like behaviour, but that will still motivate them and improve certain skills such as communication and problem solving skills.

End goal

A question that you should ask yourself before planning a team-building activity is, “What is the end goal for my team?”. If you intend on improving communication, an outdoor game of soccer might be a great way to do so, but if you want to heighten problem solving skills then an indoor thought-provoking activity may be useful. Though, sometimes your team just needs to get out of the office for a few hours.

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