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Winter Is Coming

Winter camping is not for everyone. Some schools are brave enough to take on the challenge, like Beaulieu College. The camp started with a charity outreach to Revano primary in Bronkhorstspruit. After this we moved on to our 3 day Leadership identification program. We incorporated leave blowers while shooting our MTV video with the students.

Deu Edo also decided to camp with us again. Lovely new venue made sure all the kids and the teachers were well looked after and happy. Montana high rugby got our MD out of the office to do a team building with the teams.

May also saw the launch of our Presidents Award program. We are now an accreditation center and looking forward to work with this community to equip children with valuable skills.

PTA Noord High School also invited us back for a team building with their leaders, always a pleasure working with them.

We are also busy creating programs for our International and Local school tours. Looking forward to see where the rest of the year will take us, maybe Switzerland doing an obstacle course?

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