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What Went Down In February

February definitely was a leap month for us. Monument Park RCL was the very first camp, on this camp the #TeamPS campaign started. We are using this hash tag on our Instagram and Facebook pages to interact with the students.

The CREW set new highs this month. 4 of our crew members flew to Abu Dhabi for a Teambuilding. Its good for us to get some flying time in as we will be launching an international leg to the company in coming months. At the same time we met Damelin College in Pretoria for a First year’s orientation. Over 700 students started the adventure journey at Damelin this year, a record for them. We offloaded the kit and then we had a quick pool tournament teambuilding of our own before we started our Grange school tour. Waking up at 3am to pick up 46 kids from Lagos while 2 CREW members almost drove through a fence looking for marshmallows. We didn’t find marshmallows.

Durban was a #TeamPS hub this month. We flew down with Grange and met some of our industry friends in the Zulu kingdom. Amori also joined the Durban vibe with her school group from Southdowns College. Experiencing Durbz for the first time? Try sunbathing on the beach in the middle of the night with sunscreen and a beach ball, you meet strange people on the beach at that time.

Helpmekaar Kollege from JHB was met by our remaining crew. We made sure they knew exactly what they are missing in Durbz…

The Month of Love was ended with one of our big clients, Edenvalle high. Fun activities included running after kids on the entire farm at 2am, looking for a huge trailer wheel that fell of about 3km back, meeting several local farmers, and of course our leadership activities.

The CREW also had some fun outside of work. Camping on valentine’s day is a lot of fun especially if you drive to Brits and buy some random accessories and celebrate Project Single, valentine’s day is not just for couples, love yourself if you can’t love somebody else.

We also put our First aid training to use this month. All our CREW went on tour with flu. Because we are a family we had medicine mornings and made sure we all left healthy.

With all the hype of the month we moved the big boss, Izak’s birthday to Leap Day, breakfast was a lot of fun especially when our social media guy spilled milkshake all over NC, the Marketing Director. Milkshake camo pants in hand we drove to Midrand to pick up our valentines gift. 2 trailers full of new kit and activities, including a huge inflatable for 5 a side soccer.

It takes a lot to get all the CREW members crying at once, but somehow after 10 years in this interactive business, the kids still manage to climb into our hearts. If March is anything like love month, we are definitely in the right industry.

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