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How to get everyone to participate in the team building activities

Team building activities are normally a lot of fun, especially when everyone is excited to complete the activity. However, it can become a drag if someone is refusing to participate, or they aren’t as excited about the activity as everyone else. Here are a few ways to get everyone to participate in team building activities.

Explain the Goal

Don’t expect your employees to understand the purpose of the team building activities that you plan. Instead, explain the reason for the activity and what you want your employees to achieve by participating in this activity. Do not let them think the activity is pointless, give them the information that they need to connect these activities to the work environment. The information will improve their eagerness to join in on any team building activities.

Schedule It For Working Hours

Most employees will be disappointed to know that they must complete a work-related activity in their free time, even if they love their job. The most appropriate way to motivate employees to join in on team building activities is to schedule the activities during working hours. The activities do not need to take up an entire day of office time, a couple of hours should do the trick.

Choose The Right Activity

Don’t choose a team building activity at random and hope that it works. There are many team building activities to choose from, some of which could be more suited to your business and employees than others. Not everyone is going to be thrilled to be involved in sporty activities, and some of your employees may not like the idea of spending more time indoors playing games. It may be wise to hand out a survey to your employees and choose a team building activity based on their feedback.

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