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A Great Start To 2016

We kick started the new year with a bang by having a training camp for over 15 freelance facilitators.

On the first day, we welcomed and introduced the new Grade 8 pupils to Pretoria North High School. We then sent them on a scavenger hunt around the school, a fun way for them to get to know the school grounds and to get to know each other. On the same day we went out to Klerksdorp for teambuilding with the teachers of St Conrad’s college. Delta Park RCL group was our first Leadership in Action group for the year. Trinity House Randpark Ridge and Trinity Little Falls brought our first big group camps, and over a thousand kids attended.

Thank goodness we have such an amazing crew, this month was filled with interesting challenges. For one, there was a power cut during one of our camps and we had to show them a music video on that day. To save the situation quickly, we drove a car into the centre hall and then played music from there. This year we will be celebrating 10 years in the industry, and a new look is in order, maybe we’ll even get an entire fashion design team on the project…just kidding! But our crew is getting new uniforms this year. Our style will be “on fleek” as the youngsters say.

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