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Camps are for friendship building

School camps are great for creating lifelong connections. On camp, children learn social skills for friendship building. They create friendships that transcend far beyond the borders of camp. School camp allows children to spend a lot of time with their peers in an environment that encourages them to work together. Friendship building is a key element of school camp, and below are the circumstances that make these friendships happen:

Quality time
From playing games to sitting around a campfire, school camp gives children endless opportunities to bond. They stay in rooms together, eat together, play team building games and talk to each other for hours on end. All these moments give the children a deeper understanding of one another and allow them to express their personalities in ways that they wouldn’t be able to within the confines of their school. This freedom gives them a chance to build true friendships.

Tough situations
Friendship building is put to the test on camp by team building activities. All the children are given the chance to lead their team, listen to each other and learn from one another. These moments can make or break friendship as they are given the task of making it through obstacles. Friendship building in this manner creates stronger bonds as the children have to overcome hardships together.

Unknown environment
New environments cause the survival instinct to kick in. Therefore children make new friends so quickly during camp. Children don’t want to be isolated and placing them in an unknown environment with other children will cause them to build friendships with one another almost immediately.

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