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Why Choose Project Summit Consulting?

Project Summit Consulting offers team building activities to multiple companies. We aim to provide the employees from these companies with the skills and knowledge that they need to make the work environment pleasant and productive. This is done through a variety of fun-filled activities. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose Project Summit Consulting: … Read more

A look into the types of work environments that require team building exercises to succeed

Team building is a way to help your company thrive in its industry by making your employees your main priority. By keeping your team well motivated and feeling appreciated, you will create a highly productive work environment. Team building is a successful technique used in all industries. Here’s more about the work environments that require … Read more

Does School Camp Impact Academic Performance?

It is a known fact that school camp improves social skills because children are placed in a situation where they are required to build relationships in order to complete tasks. However, the question is whether school camp impacts academic performance. Social comfort As is mentioned above, school camp is brilliant for improving social skills such … Read more

How to prepare for school camp

School camp is a great escape from the school environment and will allow your child to create new friendships, build on leadership skills, relax and so much more. Regardless, your child might feel anxious before they embark on this experience, especially if it is their first camp. To make them feel at ease and prepare them for the new challenge they are about to face on school camp, here are a few things you can do:

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The main purpose of team building

Team building is a useful activity for businesses. Team building can take place within the company on a daily basis, but often companies take the time to further enhance their teams with the help of professionals. Experts employ various techniques to ensure that a group of individuals become a team. There are many different activities that enable bonding amongst the members of a company. Read more below about the main purpose of team building.

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Are team building exercises effective?

Team building is meant to encourage employees to work as a cohesive unit, but there are questions as to whether these exercises are effective. Although not all team building exercises are effective, there are many that are effective in creating a better working environment. Here are a few reasons why team building exercises are effective:

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Why school camps are fun and entertaining

School camps create an opportunity for children to build leadership skills and learn to be independent. School camps are also meant for fun and entertainment. They are an opportunity for children to get away from the hustle and bustle of school life and spend time with their friends in a fun, activity filled environment. Here are a few reasons why school camps are fun and entertaining:

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5 Benefits of a school camp

Do you remember all the fun you had on school camps? Looking back now, you can see just how much you learnt on those weekends away with all your classmates; and now its time for your little one to enjoy the same experience. If you’re worried about sending your child away with their school for the weekend, have a look at the information bellow regarding the benefits of school camps:

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