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5 Benefits of a school camp

Do you remember all the fun you had on school camps? Looking back now, you can see just how much you learnt on those weekends away with all your classmates; and now its time for your little one to enjoy the same experience. If you’re worried about sending your child away with their school for the weekend, have a look at the information bellow regarding the benefits of school camps:

Social skills
On school camp, children can increase their social skills and expand their social circle. They’ll be exposed to their classmates in different circumstances which will allow them to get an idea of what it is like to deal with people outside of school and their family. On a school camp, your child can gain knowledge on how to interact with a large group of people in an open yet focussed environment.

Staying at home all the time will not teach a child how to be independent and how to deal with situations without their parents. By sending your child on school camp, you are giving them the space they need to grow and experience different things. They can learn to deal with things on their own and this may also create a newfound appreciation for their family.

School camp is all about team building activities that test your abilities to complete obstacles as a team. These obstacles range from puzzles to more strenuous activities that will build your child’s fitness levels. The fun activities that children are exposed to on camp may encourage them to become more active.

On school camp, children’s leadership skills are tested as they are given opportunities to make decisions and work with a team to achieve a goal. The task of decision making will prepare them for future endeavours. All these decisions are made under the supervision of a camp counsellor to ensure the safety of the kids.

Environmental education
On school camp, children are exposed to the elements. Counsellors will use this exposure as an opportunity to inform the kids about the environment and what they can do to keep it safe. These learning opportunities will allow kids to move forward and build a better future for themselves.

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